Get Lost in Jerusalem

Thanks to MGVH for the link to this excellent resource. Get lost in Jerusalem is a computer based guide to the history and Geography of Jerusalem and is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to understand more about the background to the Scriptures. You can buy it from Amazon (or at least read the description) […]

Bible Mapper

If like me you sometimes have to produce Bible maps for PowerPoint presentations or for handouts, you will be very interested in Bible mapper. This is a free programme with the following features: select the types of standard map objects you want to appear on your map (cities, mountain peaks, rivers, roads, political boundaries, etc.) […]

Parellel Gospels Online

This looks to be a rather useful online tool for anyone who has to work on the Gospels and who doesn’t have access to commercial Bible search software. Strangely, it also includes the Gospel of Thomas. You can select varying combinations of Gospels to search together; including the synoptics and the Q Twosome (using the […]

Bible Toolbars

I’ve long been a user of the Bible toolbar for Firefox which allows me to search numerous Bible translations online directly from the Bible Gateway site. It is the single most useful Firefox plugin I have come across. However, this morning mgvh has pointed me towards the Tyndale House toolbar for Biblical Studies. This monster […]

Gospel Harmony

For a Bible translator, harmonization of the Gospels involves a painstaking process of making sure that when the Gospel writers say the same thing the same way, the translated text does the same thing. Conversely, when the writers say the same thing in different ways the translation should reflect this too. Given the flexibility and […]

Abraham: The Beginning of Hope

My latest sermon from Above Bar Church on Genesis 12 is available for download here. Rather than expound the passage itself, I chose to look at how this passage raises certain themes which are picked up throught the Bible and which challenge: Our assumptions about Israel Our assumptions about mission Ou assumptions about humanity It […]