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Money, Ministry and Mission

Mission agencies need to be prepared to question their whole raison d’être in the light of the growing world church – questions they are unlikely to ask as long as much of the focus lies on money and pragmatic issues

Mission Is The Mother of Theology

Paul’s genius was to take the Old Testament Scriptures and to re-read them, gaining fresh insight and understanding on the basis of the way he saw the missionary Spirit at work in the church. 

Churches, Agencies, Relationships

Some random (and incomplete) thoughts about churches and mission agencies.

When You Can’t See the Wood for The Missional Trees

Our best motivations, strategies and theologies can do nothing to heal a broken world – only Jesus can do that.

What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?

My observation is that mission theologians and academics speak a different language and have different concerns to mission practitioners.

Floods and the Truth

If I can’t trust you when you are talking about events in New Orleans in 2005, or Houston in 2017, why should I believe what you say about events in Palestine in AD 30?

Of the Making of Conferences There is No End

These days, you cannot throw stones between Easter and September for fear of hitting a marquee full of Christians in a field somewhere.

Live Long and Prosper

There is something slightly ugly about westerners, comfortable with their financial security and good health care condemning brothers and sisters around the world for wanting to share a little bit of what they take for granted. 

Looking at Mission Through Metaphorical Lenses

Four different ways of looking at mission, some of which are more helpful than others.

If You Want A Job Doing Well…

What I find fascinating is that this is a saying that God really doesn’t take very seriously. There are all sorts of jobs that he could do himself, but which he passes on to people who are really quite incompetent; us!

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