Where does the financial crisis take us?

Philip Yancey has written a terrific article for this month’s Christianity Today. It is well worth reading the whole thing, but he concludes by saying:

Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and we know that heaven will include no homeless, destitute, or starving people. As the stock market dove to uncharted depths, I couldn’t help thinking of private colleges, mission agencies, and other nonprofits, all of which depend heavily on the largesse of donors.

What a testimony it would be if, in 2009, Christians resolved to increase their giving to build houses for the poor, combat AIDS in Africa, and announce kingdom values to a decadent, celebrity-driven culture. Such a response defies all logic and common sense — unless, of course, we take seriously the moral of Jesus’ simple tale about building houses on a sure foundation.

I could add Bible Translation to Yancey’s list. If you would be interested in contributing towards the work of Wycliffe you can do so online. Thanks for considering this.

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