Questions 7: Why Is Missionary Support So Expensive?

In the popular imagination, missionaries are people who give up everything to go and serve God in faraway places. However, in the real world, when missionaries come to raise funds for their work, they often have budgets which dwarf the salaries of the people they are trying to get to support them.

Mission Agency Futures: Logistics

Logistics is almost certainly one of the most complex issues that agencies need to address, they have systems which have developed over the years to do one job and if that job changes, then the systems will need to change, too.

Money for Missionaries

Some thoughts on missionary support and what it’s like to be on the receiving end of it.

Let’s Talk About Money

If a church has identified someone and commissioned them to go to another country to do something that the church wants done; the church is responsible for ensuring they have the finance they need.

Money, Ministry and Mission

Mission agencies need to be prepared to question their whole┬áraison d’├¬tre in the light of the growing world church – questions they are unlikely to ask as long as much of the focus lies on money and pragmatic issues

A New Problem That Isn’t So New

One of the major challenges facing mission in the future is the interface between southern and northern mission.

The Future of Mission 2: Money, Risk and Food

Some thoughts on an excellent conference from a somewhat jet-lagged participant!

Austerity, Cuts and Job Losses

Financial constraints are pushing agencies towards using a funding model which may well not be sustainable. You don’t need to be an economic guru to see that there is a significant problem here.

Labour Continues to Do God

Hazel Blears is the latest cabinet minister to speak up about Christian issues. She even gave her thoughts on how Jesus would react to the recession. Six years after Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s spin chief, declared that “we don’t do God,” Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, has delivered a speech which unashamedly combines religion and […]

Where does the financial crisis take us?

Philip Yancey has written a terrific article for this month’s Christianity Today. It is well worth reading the whole thing, but he concludes by saying: Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and we know that heaven will include no homeless, destitute, or starving people. As […]