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Delighting in the Trinity

Sometimes when I’m facilitating a planning workshop, I find myself rushed off my feet. This week, has been rather the opposite, I give the group work to do and they just get on and do it without asking me lots of questions. This means I’ve had some time to catch up on my reading. I’ve just completed Delighting in the Trinity: Just Why Are Father, Son and Spirit Such Good News? by Tim Chester and wanted to make sure that I pointed it out to readers of this blog. I don’t have time to do a full review, but I know that if I wait till I can get round to a proper review, we’ll all get old and retire long before I write anything. Let me just say that this is a superb book, it’s short and it’s an easy read, but it is extremely profound. It ranges from an historic overview of the Church’s understanding of the Trinity to how that understanding should effect our reltionships on a daily basis, taking in why Steve Chalke’s view of the cross as ‘cosmic child abuse’ is basically flawed. All in all an excellent read.

Tim Chester keeps one of the most thought provoking blogs that I know, I just wish he would post more often! He is also the author of Good News to the Poor: The Gospel Through Social Involvement which is well worth getting hold of.

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