Bible and Mission Links 1

As this linky-thing is starting to become a bit of a regular event, I thought I’d better give it a title. Though as this offering shows, the title may not always be appropriate (the photo will almost never be).

This week has been a good week for posts about Bible Translation. Joel Hoffman has written on What Goes Wrong When We Translates the Words and the Grammar: a couple of fasinating posts (though I think my example here is an easier look at grammar). Meanwhile, Clayboy is searching for a truly literal translation. Amen to that! In amongst all of this technical stuff, Tim Davy reminds us of the salient fact that the Bible is not yet available to millions of people around the world.

Bible-availability-wise, we in the English-speaking West are living in corpulent luxury while our brothers and sisters in many parts of the global church have nothing; not a single scrap of the Word of God in their own language. How is this anything other than a scandal?

My three-year-old daughter has more of the Bible written in her ‘language’ than what I can only assume must be at least hundreds of thousands of pastors, if not millions!


Mark has been musing on the theme of Easter:

Our prayer is that they will know that the resurrection isn’t just something that Christians celebrate when they have their strange meetings on Sunday, but that it was the moment that changed the universe, God breaking in to the cycle of sin and death, starting a new Kingdom of humility, love and peace, restoring what is broken, bringing forgiveness, releasing those who are oppressed, giving hope and a new life to those trapped in poverty, and ultimately through Jesus involving anyone who will accept the invitation in his new and perfect world.

My next link doesn’t fit under the title of Bible (or mission, for that matter) but it is an excellent read for anyone interested in development programs. Aid, Africa, Corruption, and Colonialism: An Honest Conversation gives an excellent overview of some of the issues that make development work so complex. Anyone trying to affect change in Africa, be they rock-stars, comedians or Bible Translators would do well to read this article and to heed the advice in there.  This graphic is a little cynical, but it has its share of truth!

Finally for this week, Rick Mansfield gives fifteen good reasons why he is sold on his Amazon Kindle. Good stuff!

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