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Paul Shaddick comments on a recent trip to Africa that ‘high speed internet is definitely a relative term’. I have to say that I agree with him, though the connection we have here in Senegal is pretty impressive and fairly fast. The only problem is that it loses it’s ability to resolve internet addresses every afternoon and you can only visit big sites like the BBC and Google. falls off the face of the earth for about twelve hours. This means I’ve got to blog before breakfast. All mistakes are lack of caffeine induced.

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Better service than I seem to be getting at home at the moment. Sky Broadband seems to have dropped out completely for the last few days.

That’s interesting news, I’ve been wondering about switching to Sky. Perhaps I won’t. Nildram have hardly ever fallen over in the four or five years we’ve been with them. They ain’t cheap, but they are amazingly reliable.

Eddie, it sounds like your computer can’t find a working nameserver. Actually it could be an issue in your computer as I had something similar for a time here in the UK – try rebooting and see if it goes away until the next day. If that’s not the problem, you could set up as your second nameserver one which you know works, like your UK Nildram one, and that way you can continue to work (albeit a bit more slowly) even when the Senegalese nameserver falls over.

I’m not sure why the DNS server fails, but it’s not just my problem as everyone else on the network has the same problem. I thought about using my Nildram server as a secondary, but I don’t have the IP address with me – still, I head to the airport in five hours, so I should be able to hang on! Though if the last week is anything to go by, most of the Internet will vanish in about half an hour.

Well, I took Paul’s advice, but I’m not about to go back to Senegal to give it the definitive test. In general my surfing does seem a little faster though.

Hi! So here’s proof I’ve been to your site :o)

So did you meet Irish Nathan the computer guy in Dakar? Think he’s actually home right now. Anywho, you two would get along swimmingly I’m sure.

Have a good day,

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