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Face to Faith

The Bishop of Durham (Tom Wright) wrote engagingly in the Guardian recently (7 April) about one of his favourite topics: Resurrection. He is brilliant at writing thorough yet very readable theological tomes, but I’m so glad he also manages to find the time to write the occasional thought-provoking newspaper article like this one: Face to Faith.

He’s not afraid to say what he thinks about politics and politicians, either. In a more recent article in the Telegraph he is saddened that in Britain “…we do not as a society have a shared world view in which people understand how faith and public life should go together. So it is assumed that if you are a Christian, that’s something you do in private or on Sundays…”

Anyway, read him for yourself, and go and see what other articles/lectures/sermons he has written. These can be found on the N T Wright page – ‘an unofficial website dedicated to the Bishop of Durham’

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