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The Best Kept Secret

Does it frustrate you to see so many English language versions of the Bible when some languages don’t have one?

It drives me up the wall quite frankly. When I saw they were revising the NIV yet again, I found it quite difficult.

That being said, many of the translators do use their profits to support Christian ministry around the world. So the people who publish the Living Bible are very generous benefactors to Wycliffe.

I can’t complain entirely, but I do wish we’d stop lavishing resources on ourselves and offer resources to the rest of the world. It’s the spiritual equivalent of obesity being a huge problem in the Western world while there are millions around the world who are starving.

This is an excerpt from an interview with me conducted by Sam Hailes of

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Just been reading the full interview transcript: practising with the new eye combination 🙂 I like what you said, but they must have misheard your stat in the very last sentence..? John

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