In these politically correct days we are, quite rightly, not allowed to make generalisations about any particular race or ethnic group.

… unless they are Americans, of course.

All Europeans know that the citizens of the United States are all gun crazy, right wing, obese protestant fundamentalists. Of course, the truth is that generalisations of the United States are no more valid than generalisations about any other group – perhaps less so, it is after all a country of immigrants with a huge population.

These thoughts came to mind as I read a superb post by Ben Witherington where he comments on a video about the rapture and the end times. The video fits the stereotype that many Europeans have about American fundamentalists – militaristic with unconditional support for Israel. But Ben’s response fits my experience of many American Christians I have worked with; it is thoughtful, Biblical and irenic.

The United States is not perfect – no human creation is – but lets be careful about lumping all Americans (especially Christians) together as if there were no differences of opinion in that vast country.

On the subject of the Lord’s return, and such like, Dave Burke gives a good, short, review of the different positions here.

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I suspect that the view of American Christians held by most people in Britain is what is given them by the media here, largely the BBC, but also the papers. They tend to concentrate on the ‘right wing conservatives’, probably because difference & controversy is what makes news.
Then of course there is the God Channel!
So I delight in introducing English friends & family (Christian & not) to other American Christian voices, like Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo – fame still tends to attract more than the “ordinary people” we get to know.

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