Books I Have Read: May Meandering

The books I’ve read and studied over the last month, when I wasn’t reading and studying for work. This is a theology-free zone.

It looks as though April has been a quite month for fiction and other non-work related reading, but here goes anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, during a sleepless patch one night, I tried to work out the full plot of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le Carré. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it, but the plot still confuses me. There was only one thing to do; I read it again and thoroughly enjoyed it. I may well report reading a few other George Smiley Novels next month.

Speaking of old spy novels, last month’s offering in my trawl through the Antony Price back catalogue was For the Good of the State. Anyone who can successfully bring twelfth century motte and bailey castles into a story about 1980s espionage is alright by me. Of all of Price’s books, this is the one I remember best from reading them 20 years or more ago and I wasn’t disappointed.

STANDPOINT a gripping thriller full of suspense could never be accused of underselling itself. However, despite the hype in the title, it wasn’t a bad read. If you can find it cheap on Kindle, it’s well worth getting hold of, though I’m not sure I’d pay full price for it.

Apart from the ones I’ve already reviewed one Kouyanet, these are the only books I’ve read right through this month. I have, however spent a fair bit of time with my nose buried in Mastering the Marathon: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for the 40-plus Athlete and Running Repairs: A Runner’s Guide to Keeping Injury Free. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

In a month where I’ve read a couple of old thrillers another old classic also featured heavily. The Southern Fells: Being an Illustrated Account of a Study and Exploration of the Mountains in the English Lake District: Southern Fells Bk. 4 (Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells) was our guide on the Langdale Pikes (where the weather) was lovely and Bowfell (where it wasn’t) a couple of weekends ago.

The last couple of paragraphs remind me that this month’s highlight wasn’t about reading, it was a 17 km trail race in the Lake District which provides the rather incongruous photograph on the main page of the blog for this post.

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