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Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes

I’m not sure I can ever forgive the person who introduced me to StumbleUpon a web service which takes you to random web pages based on a series of criteria which you choose. I’veĀ  found all sorts of… Read More

Toilet Tales 3

Thanks to Phil for pointing out this BBC story. Police are on the hunt for a thief who stole a urinal from a pub in Hampshire. The man is thought to have spent 40 minutes removing the white… Read More


Take my word for it, you want to read this newspaper article. Go on, click on the link. Just do it – and make sure you read all of the comments following the article. What are you waiting… Read More

Toilet tales

There’s nothing more welcoming to the traveller than a decent loo. Years of travelling in rural Africa have given me the opportunity to see some of the worst that the ‘toilet experience’ has to offer – don’t ask!… Read More

Linguists ‘have different brains’

This BBC article seems to reveal something that is pretty obvious to anyone who has had to spend time around Bible translators! Yup, we have different (notice, it doesn’t say better or worse) brains. This post is more… Read More

Vanity, vanity…

While waiting for a phone call (which never came) I spent some time looking up my name on Google (let’s admit it, we all do it!) and I came across some of the papers which I helped write… Read More

Two Quotations

I enjoyed these two quotes I heard this week – one serious, one not quite so… This world may indeed be “enemy occupied territory,” but the Enemy has got no property rights in it. He is a thief… Read More

Dog biscuits and life

Most of us have different parts of our life which are lived more in parallel. The people at work don’t know our friends at home and so on and it isn’t always comfortable when two different domains come… Read More

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