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Mission Agency Futures: The Problem

Four issues which should force mission agencies to rethink their approach to their work.

Bible and Mission Links 35

Lots of interesting stuff, but not a lot of jokes.

The Global Church Isn’t…

We readily accept that the Christian situation is very different in the North and South of England and yet we are happy to make generalisations about the “World Church”. Why?

Books I Have Read: The Transformation of African Christianity

A rather good book, with a second half that deserves to be very widely read.

Stories: East and West

Touching tributes to two greats of the contemporary church; one you will have heard of; the other, perhaps, not.

Stories: Mongolia

You don’t have to have a large church and a thriving economy to start sending missionaries.

What Should We Call Them?

Some thoughts on the language that we use to describe people from different parts of the world than our own.

Four Things the Western Mission Movement Needs To Pay Attention To

This post is brought to you by the number 4! The title captures the gist.

What’s Good In World Mission?

The church is growing faster than it ever has done before and the world mission force is more diverse than at any time in history. We should be encouraged by these things – but we can’t afford to be complacent.

Lamin Sanneh: 1942-2019

One of the most important Christian thinkers and influencers in the world died yesterday. Sadly, most evangelicals in Britain will not even have heard of him.

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