Books I Have Read: Theologies of Mission

This is probably one of the specialists (and those writing essays), but it’s a very good book.

Friends, Brothers and Contextual Theology

The questions we ask and the answers we come to reflect the situation that we are living in.

Some Quotes on Globalisation

This new situation also has consequences for how we think about mission. The most obvious is that mission is no longer a Western monopoly or privilege.

Mission Is The Mother of Theology

Paul’s genius was to take the Old Testament Scriptures and to re-read them, gaining fresh insight and understanding on the basis of the way he saw the missionary Spirit at work in the church. 

Books I Have Read: Traces of the Trinity

Marine flatworms are hermaphrodites, equipped with male and female organs, which saves a lot of muss and fuss and plenty of money wasted on romantic dinners.

Posts from the Past: Why I think Bible Translation is Important

This one goes back to March 2006. I’d write something rather different today, but there is some interesting thoughts here. This is a rough piece of work that I vaguely hope will become the basis for my MTh thesis. I’m putting it out in public view now so that I can get feedback and ideas […]

Thoughts on a Consulta Continental

I have seen the future of mission and it speaks Spanish

Really Listening to the Global Church

In a changing and increasingly globalised world, we have much to learn from Christians in other contexts, but we can only really gain from their insights when we read them on their own terms and not on ours.

What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?

My observation is that mission theologians and academics speak a different language and have different concerns to mission practitioners.

How Not To Give Away Your Faith

One of the reasons why I’ll never be a good personal evangelist…