Eddie and Sue Arthur

A Few Personal Thoughts

Sue consulting Nigeria


This is the monthly note that I wrote to Wycliffe Bible Translators staff around the world this month:

By the time you read this, Sue should be in Madagascar and I’ll be at home with the dog. I always enjoy the first few days of Sue’s trips. I quite enjoy my own company and it’s nice to be on my own for a while. However, that soon starts to wear thin and it doesn’t take long till I start to count the days till Sue gets back. I think that the dog starts counting from day one.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a hassle when Sue is away; not only do I miss her, but it just makes my already complicated life just a little bit more complex. However, I wouldn’t ever want to suggest that she shouldn’t head off to help lead these workshops. I’m proud of what Sue does and delighted that she has her own ministry doing things that I am not qualified to do.

However, there is another reason that I’m glad Sue is going to Madagascar. Her involvement in translation consultancy helps to remind me why we are doing what we are doing. In a life filled with email, budgets, policies and stuff, it is easy to lose sight of our main goal. I’m very grateful that Sue helps to keep me focused on the needs of people who don’t have the Scriptures and the work that has to be done to bring the vision of mother tongue Scriptures to reality in a given language.

The picture is a bit of a cheat; it’s from Nigeria, not Madagascar, but it’s too good not to use again.

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