Cheap, Safe and Friendly Countries

We all have our notion of the best countries in the world – whatever that may mean. I recently came across an interesting exercise which ranked countries according to their friendliness, cheapness and safety. It’s well worth a look.

Countries Ranked by Friendliness.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that three Sahelian countries; Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal are fairly high up the list for friendly countries. The highlights for this category are:

  • ¬†Most friendly countries: 1) Iceland 2) New Zealand 3) Morocco 4) Macedonia 5) Austria
  • Least friendly countries: 140) Bolivia 139) Venezuela¬† 138) Russian Federation¬†137) Kuwait 136) Latvia
  • Special mention: 42) South Africa 55) United Kingdom 102) United States –

If you find this sort of thing interesting you should visit the site to see the methodology used and to see which country is the best to visit – you may well be surprised. And if you really want a cross-cultural experience, try reading the comments on the article; they will give you a fascinating, and somewhat depressing insight into a conflict that is rarely mentioned in our press.


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