The Church In Madagascar

As Sue starts to think about packing for her next trip, I thought this quote from The Penguin History of the Church: History of Christian Missions by Stephen Neil might interest you:

When a reckoning was made it was found that the Christians were four times as many as they had been at the beginning of the persecution. How did it come about that so you a Church was able to maintain itself without outside help through a quarter of a century of Persecution? The major factor was undoubtedly the possession of the New Testament in Malagasay. On this the Christians secretly fed their souls; this they passed on to others in hand-written compies if the printed books were no longer available.. There could hardly be more striking confirmation of the view held by almost all Protestant missionaries that the first duty of the missionary, after he once learned the language, is to provide the people with the Word of God ‘without comment, in their own languages’.

Please pray for Sue and her colleagues as they help bring the Scriptures to other Malagasay groups.

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