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A Model Missionary For Today

Some final thoughts from Acts: why we need to take note of Apollos.

Paul In One Sentence

The whole of Paul’s teaching summed up in one (very long) sentence. Can you do any better?

Mission Is The Mother of Theology

Paul’s genius was to take the Old Testament Scriptures and to re-read them, gaining fresh insight and understanding on the basis of the way he saw the missionary Spirit at work in the church. 

Consumerism Eats Itself

How do you show you love your children? Not by spending time with them, reading to them and playing silly games, but by buying them expensive presents. Things are what counts (and incidentally, an iPad makes a great baby sitter).

We Don’t Make Things Grow

By promising big things, we are usurping God’s role in mission. He is the one who brings growth, not us, and we need to avoid making any claims that suggest otherwise. 

The Whole Bible and Mission

Messianic and missional reading of the Old Testament – that’s what Jesus instructed his disciples to do. We have been fairly good at the first, but pretty lamentable at the second.

Consequences and Trumpets

Putting Romans 1 and Revelation 8 next to each other and seeing what happens.

The Strangest Verse in the Bible?

The Romans were quite used to the idea of making peace by shedding blood on the cross – they did it all the time. Only, their idea wasn’t to reconcile people, but to exterminate anyone who threatened the state.

Books I Have Read: Liberating the Gospel

Revelation did not descend out of a clear blue sky to a person living a life of tranquility and undisturbed intellectual reflection.


Some thoughts on why Barnabas made two trips to Cyprus.

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