From the Daily Telegraph

This is an interesting insight into the Church in the UK from today’s Telegraph. One piece of interesting information I did pick up this week came from the Royal Mail’s Alan Leighton, who did some work for the Church of England, and who discovered that, for many parishes, the single biggest expense was the upkeep […]


It appears that the BBC are worried that they are being too biased. In particular they are worried that they have been seen to have promoted the make poverty history campaign. From where I’m sitting, promoting a campaing like Make Poverty History is not evidence of a bias, just good moral sense. Unfortunately, theĀ  concenss […]

Twins: Who is the Oldest?

Which twin is the oldest; the one who is born first or second? To the Western mindset the answer is straightforward, but in Northern Ivory Coast things are seen a little differently – there, the second born twin is actually the older: The reasoning behind this is that the older is more important, so the […]