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In fact, most agency leaders that I talk to are so busy trying to keep the show on the road, that they don’t have the luxury to think through some of the big changes that may need to be made in the short-medium future.

Missionary Support: Being Supported

One of the paradoxes of missionary life is that as you get older, more experienced and take on senior roles, your income is likely to drop.

Missionary Support: Structural Issues

Many mission agencies have very little by way of central funds or source of direct income and they are not in a position to pay salaries for their staff. Effectively, the missionary pays the agency, rather than the other way round.

Throwback Thursday: Elements of a New Paradigm

Those of us who are Westerners need to get used to the idea that we have a huge amount to learn from the church in the wider world. This means that mission agencies need to give serious attention to blessing the Church in the traditional sending countries through the things that God is doing in the erstwhile mission fields.

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