Why God Made Tortoises

In the Genesis story, God first of all, makes the earth and then populates it with plants and animals before eventually creating Adam and Eve. One of the fascinating things which happens here is that as God creates the ground and the plants, the sun moon and stars and fish, birds and land animals, he […]

Top Ten Missionary Books

I thought that I would draw together a list of what I consider to be the Top ten books on Overseas Mission. No doubt others will disagree with the books I’ve listed (I may well do so myself next week); let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ve tried to avoid books that are […]

Commission Impossible

A while ago, I wrote a piece suggesting that the Great Commission in Matthew 28 was perhaps not the best call to world mission for our generation (you can find it here).  Today, I’ve been musing a little on the concept that the Great Commission is something which can be accomplished. Just to keep us […]

Is The Age of the Great Comission Over?

I wrote this piece a year ago for publication but it never appeared in print. So I’m putting it here. I think I’d say some things slightly differently now, especially without the word limit imposed by the original setting. But here it is as I wrote it. What’s my favourite Bible passage? Thirty years ago […]

Are All Christians Called to Be Missionaries?

Paul Shaddick asks this question on his Facebook page, but the system only gives 250 characters for the response – which is no where near enough! I’m not sure why Paul asked the question, but I’m not sure that it gets to the heart of the issue. Far too often, the idea of missionary springs […]

Who do we translate the Bible for?

Last week at the Bible translation leaders’ conference a fascinating question was asked from the front. “Who provides our motivation for Bible translation, the worldwide church or unreached people groups?”. (I may have got the wording slightly wrong – I wasn’t taking notes at that point). This is a fascinating question which to some extent […]

All Together Now: Why Bible Translation is Important II

This is a follow on to an earlier post (sort of). In the Garden of Gethsamane, Jesus prayed for his followers: “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me […]

Why I think Bible Translation is Important.

This is a rough piece of work that I vaguely hope will become the basis for my MTh thesis. I’m putting it out in public view now so that I can get feedback and ideas which will help me develop my thoughts. I would really value any comments you might make. Please log on below […]