PhoneyBible is a superb little application for you mobile phone which was developed by a friend of our Sam’s. The website says:

  • PhoneyBible is avaible in 34 translations. It allows you to start reading from any book, chapter or verse. From there you can scroll forward or back, or choose somewhere new to read. PhoneyBible remembers what you were last reading and all your settings so you can continue where you left off. You can create ‘Favourites’ which enable you to jump to particular verses. You can also choose to alter the font, size and colours.
  • For English speakers the Bible in Basic English uses modern language compared to the King James Version. Most of the translations have the bible book names and the program in English.

My only reservation about PhoneyBible is that it is quite a large file and many (1.8Mb) and many older phones will struggle to have that much free memory. But go ahead and download it. It’s free, though the developer has a suggested donation of £1 (less than two dollars).

Link to PhoneyBible

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My main reservation about PhoneyBible is the English translation it uses. Are there not better, or at least alternative, translations which could be used here? There are of course copyright issues, but I suspect that some publishers would be happy to have their versions promoted through PhoneyBible. Alternatively, it might be possible to set up a way to purchase them in PhoneyBible format.

The author of the PhoneyBible wants $20 for his product which is fine but there is a cheaper alternative with (IMHO) better translation & that is the Go-Bible (free!). The default translation is the KJV but the wonderful people at Moements have now made it available using the reliable NETBible (
Check out

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