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Christian Blog Awards

I’ve not received my invitation to tonight’s Christian Blog Awards ceremony. I guess this means I won’t be winning one! Mind you, looking at the list of categories, I can’t see where I would fit in. More to the point, I can’t see where most of the blogs I read and respect would fit on the list. Nothing on Biblical studies, nothing on mission, nothing on theology – oh dear me.

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This reminds me of a poet who was at the church I went to in York as a student, Nigel Forde.
If I remember rightly, he said he was annoyed when people asked him why he didn’t write Christian poetry. His response when they did ask was “isn’t every poem I write a Christian poem?”.

As well as the missing categories you propose, how about a “best blog written by a Christian about all aspects of their life”.

My pumpkin did not arrive either to take me to the ball! But as my blog is quite critical about Christian marketing and media, it was very hypocritical of me even to take part. I repent.

I would really like to see Christian resources used for Bible translation and reaching the unreached rather than to produce Christian “entertainment” for Christians.


We had literally hundreds of entires and as only 100 people are able to attend the night i am sorry you didn’t make it. We actually had those with sites for Biblical studies and Theology etc win last night in the Creative category i.e. creative use of a website. The award categories are very much a work in progress so we will take note of your comments. We hope to improve the categories each year resulting in the addition of a green award this year which proved very popular, and the website/blog for evangelism actually got removed this year due to its ambiguity.

Well done for you blog, and for keeping it up…. i stopped blogging after only a few months due to lack of time.

Every blessing

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