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Jesus; I’m not in love with you.

A few months back I got a fair bit of response, not all of it entirely positive, to a couple of blog posts on worship songs (here, and here). That response makes me wonder how people will comment on this wonderful post by John Stackhouse. It really is terrific and gets to grips with the inanity of what I refer to as ‘Jesus is my girlfriend’ songs. I particularly love his comment that singing that he is in love with another man gives him the homoerotic creeps. I know just what he means!

Seriously, it interests me that I recently posted a fairly iconoclastic article suggesting that the Great Commission might be past it’s sell by date. I got hardly any comments on that – but when I dared to say something about modern worship songs, I got a host (for me) of comments. Just in case anyone is worried, I will make another post on my thoughts about singing in church soon!

Thanks to Lingamish for pointing out his own post on the subject here.

HT Transforming Sermons.

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3 replies on “Jesus; I’m not in love with you.”

BruceA, that’s a lovely one.

Eddie, I am not in love with Jesus. But I am totally captivated by his character and incarnation. He is liege and sovereign.

Part of the problem is that songwriters in English need things to rhyme and “love you” rhymes with a lot of things.

My post on this topic: Are you in love with Jesus?

Lingamish, what rhymes with “love you”? I can only think of “above you”, which needs to be preceded by something like “no one” if the “you” is God or Jesus. But then it is even harder to rhyme with “in love with you”.

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