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Churches and Mission Agencies (Again)

There is not enough cross-fertilisation between those in mission agencies and churches. We have things to learn from each other, but we have different peer and social groups, attend different conferences and, I would argue, we don’t respect one another’s expertise, contribution and concerns enough.

Training for Mission

If we are to speak the Gospel into British culture we need to understand that culture. Like Paul in Acts 17, we need to observe what is going on around us and we need to speak into the issues that pre-occupy people. This isn’t dumbing down the gospel, it is actually far harder work than repeating the same message that we’ve always used. 

Ignoring the Unreached

I follow a lot of people involved in world mission, many of whom regularly talk about the needs of the unreached around the world and I follow a lot of other Christians – mainly British church leaders – who hardly ever (if ever) mention the needs of global unreached people groups. 

Bible and Mission Links 38

Some interesting stuff, some encouraging stuff and some downright disturbing stuff. A roundup of things that have caught my eye over the last month or two.

Find A Church First?

In which I am not convinced by the idea that people should find a good church in their new location before moving house.

Kouyanet Resources

In 14 years of blogging, I’ve produced the odd resource that is of lasting value. This post highlights some of them.

Books I Have Read: We Need To Talk About Race

Being black in a white majority church can be a bit like the first day of a new school on repeat. Your natural insecurities come to the surface. Will I be included? Will I be noticed? How do I connect with the popular people? How do I fit in? Will my contributions be valued? Conversations feel like hard work and at times even painful without the ease of shared histories and friendships.

Being A Witness To Jesus

I believe that a serious part of our calling is to stand at the points where our families, our friends and our workplaces and professions are in tension and in pain and to reflect Jesus values, meekly serving, not pushing ourselves forward and making peace as we go.

Four Things the Western Mission Movement Needs To Pay Attention To

This post is brought to you by the number 4! The title captures the gist.

Throwback Thursday: Sending Capacity

We know that the number of bums on seats in a church is not a real measure of discipleship. Equally, the number of mission partners that a church supports may not indicate the church’s real engagement with mission.

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