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Change a Life With Just One Swipe

For decades now, we have seen the same stereotypical images of the Global South in both the media and in fundraising campaigns. It reinforces the image of people as “exotic other”. We believe that these images create apathy, rather than action.

Exciting Announcement

In an initiative which will draw together my experience in Bible translation, mission and blogging, I’ve been asked to take the lead in the development of a new English translation of the Bible, provisionally titled “The Blogger’s Bible”.

The Four Faces of Strategy

The definitive guide to the different facets of strategic planning (with tongue, ever so slightly, in cheek).

Throwback Thursday: A Guide to Mission Terminology

Some definitions.

Missional: my church is more exciting than your church.

Promoting Missionary Attrition

You CAN change the world! YOU can change the world! You can change the WORLD! Be sure to nurture the idea that YOU the missionary are different from all those who have come before.

The Kouyanet Guide To Choosing a Bible Translation

You need the Kouyanet Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation ©. This simple system guarantees that you will find the perfect translation for all your needs; a translation that will impress your friends and demonstrate to your pastor that you are someone to be taken seriously.

There’s Some Good Stuff Here

Some links on politics, mental health, eschatology, Pauline studies and a great cartoon.

Throwback Thursday: Bible Translation Terms

One of the problems with the whole issue of Bible translation is that people use such confusing terms. … So, in order to help those who have not been initiated into the secrets of translation terminology, I would like to present this definitive guide.

Kouyanet Reader: Archdruid Eileen

The people of our world are marvellously diverse. There hundreds of different languages. People, wherever they live, have their own cultures – distinguish between places a little way away in exactly the same way that people who aren’t from Warrington distinguish themselves from people from Warrington.

A Geeky Theology Quote And a Funny Video

Well I think these are funny – but I have a strange sense of humour.

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