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Wrestling with Onesimus 1: Changes

Yesterday, I highlighted a post from Onesimus Redivivus entitled, When Missions Becomes Toxic; or, Um, They Don’t Need Us Anymore. As the title suggests, this is makes challenging reading for anyone in the missionary business and I hope to… Read More

Bible and Mission Links 16

I’ve not been blogging very much over the past few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped other people writing lots of good stuff. Here is a bit of a catch up! Bible Translation As I mentioned yesterday, the World… Read More

Bible and Mission Links 14

I’ve not been very prolific of late; I don’t seem to have the energy to think creatively or to write at the moment. Hopefully, the Christmas break will help me get back into the groove. However, while I… Read More

Bible and Mission Links 10

The Wycliffe UK Blog has a good article on Vision 2025, which is well worth a read; among quotes from ‘key’ Christian leaders is this gem from the late Kwame Bediako of Ghana. “No language group should be… Read More

Bible & Mission Links 6

It’s been a wee while since my last round up of blog posts on the Bible and Mission, so here goes with another bunch of links: This week’s first offering comes from Mark who has posted a nice… Read More

Missionary Confidential: When Sympathy Turns Demeaning

This post from Missionary Confidential is well worth reading and pondering upon. I suspect that it could also be applied to some evangelistic work in the UK, too. Just over a year ago, I read “Following Up on… Read More

Instant Experts

This post is slightly cynical, but oh, so true… 6 ways to tell your friend has become an “overnight missionary expert.” 1. They temporarily wear some wicked awesome sandals. Mission trip sandals, something I’ve chronicled before, come in… Read More

Short Term Mission Trips: Just Say No?

Vinoth Ramachandra is a well respected Sri Lankan writer and theologian. He has just posted a highly critical post about the short terms mission industry (my term, not his) on his blog. Here is a staggering statistic that… Read More

The Success of Short Term Mission Trips

My friend and colleague John Hamilton has just started his own blog, with an excellent post… Often I hear young people (and older) talking about the success of a short term mission experience in terms of God answering… Read More

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