Posts from the Past: Issues With Voluntourism

This one is from July 2014 and the original article that it refers to is no longer available, but it still has a point to make. . I would quite cheerfully, never write another blog post about short-term mission; it’s a subject that we’ve covered fairly regularly over the years and I keep thinking that there is … Continue reading Posts from the Past: Issues With Voluntourism

Please Show This on XFactor

However, while trying to be balanced and charitable, I do have one huge problem with the whole Band Aid thing; it portrays Africans as people who need things doing for them and aren't able to address their own problems. Of the six countries which have been affected by the current Ebola outbreak, two (Senegal and Nigeria) have contained it effectively (which is more than the USA managed) and Mali seems to be on top of it.

Stereotypes Harm Dignity

The uncomfortable message in this video is applicable to Christian mission as much as it is to the wider development world. There is a role for expat missionaries and volunteers in Africa, but that role is working alongside local people, under their leadership and responding to their realities. Not taking pre-packaged solutions from the West.

From BandAid to RadiAid

Forgive me for posting one more video in this series, but this excellent TED talk gives the background to the RadiAid and Let's Save Africa videos that I have mentioned recently. If the video isn't showing, you can view it directly here. The principle of looking at the similarities between peoples rather than concentrating … Continue reading From BandAid to RadiAid

Community Rather than Clichés

One of the best blogs on the block at the moment is Djibouti Jones: life at the crossroads of faith and culture by Rachel Pieh Jones. Don't take my word for it; head over there and sign up the her updates. In her latest post, Rachel talks about how she has helped Amina; a young … Continue reading Community Rather than Clichés

Is Aid Defensible?

Today, the ever interesting Phil Ritchie blogged on the issue of international aid. As many people will know, the current British Government have promised to maintain the level of overseas aid at a fixed amount (0.7% of gross national income) until 2013. Today however, it leaked out that the minister of defence, Liam Fox, would … Continue reading Is Aid Defensible?