No, We Shouldn’t Send Missionaries… Unless

The Church in the global south needs the church in the UK, and we in the UK need our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world. Our problem, is that we are slow to realise our need.

The End of an Era

Western Christianity was not, as many believed, the guardian of a pure gospel, providing a universal church with a culture-free benchmark of orthodoxy.

Cruciform Mission

If you believe that you have a call to be a missionary, you have to ask yourself whether or not you are willing to deny yourself and to take up your cross daily. If not, you’d better stay at home. But be aware, the same standard is demanded of disciples wherever they find themselves.

Bible and Mission Links 31

Links to some good stuff that you may have missed.

Pro-Am Mission

It is almost certain that the church has spread more through the apparently random movement of populations than it has through the intentional work of “professional” missionaries.

What Do Words Mean?

Sometimes we seem to be disagreeing, when in reality we are just using words in different ways.

My Story Is Only A Part of a Much Bigger One

God has been at work through history; from Genesis to Revelation. Anything we do for him is, at best, a small part in that much bigger story.

Missions: A Witness To the Gospel Where there Is None

“A central theological reality is that the church is uniquely equipped to be the locus of missions because it is essentially missionary by its very nature. This means that the church itself is the missionary reality that God sends into the world –it is far more than an institutional source from which funds and missionaries are sent or agency developed programmes carried out”

My Funniest Missionary Story

This is probably the funniest, if not the most profound, of my missionary stories. When you listen to it, you will understand why I’ve not included any photographs! The recording was made during the Window On Wycliffe Course this week. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links […]