Training Pastors and a Theology of Religions

Tragically, many seminar and divinity school programs have been slow to respond to this new situation. It is quite astonishing that theological students in the West will spend countless hours learning about the writings of a few well-known, now deceased, German theologians whose global devotees are actually quite small and yet completely ignore over one […]

What Should We Call God?

Lamin Sanneh in his excellent book Translating the Message: Missionary Impact on Culture (American Society of Missiology) points out that the Church has grown fastest in Africa where the traditional name for the ‘high god’ has been appropriated by the Church and Christianised through use in worship and the translated Scriptures. Where a foreign (either […]

Islam in the UK

I’ve always liked Jasmin Alibhai-Brown, even when I don’t agree with her. Her article in today’s Independent on the reality of life for Muslims in the UK makes great reading. Around this time of the year, my mum, Jena, a devout Shia Muslim, who died last year, would ask to be taken to see the […]

Muslims Should be Allowed to Lead Christian Unions.

For more on the continuing story of the persecution of CU’s in the UK, read what Cranmer has to say here. You might want to check your calendar first to make sure it isn’t the first of April. Any fictional writer who came up with a story line like this would be laughed out of […]

The World is Not Worthy

Over the last few days there has been a lot in the media about the Turkish elections and the possibility of Turkey’s secular status coming under threat from the rise of Islam. There has been much less said about the two Turkish Christians and their German missionary colleague who were violently martyred by Islamists on […]