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Christian Therapists’ Network

On Saturday I went up to London to spend a day with the council of the Christian Therapist’s Network. Now before anyone gets the wrong end of the stick, these are therapists in the British English sense of… Read More

July 7

A year ago I was driving Dave, Sam and a family friend Luke for a day out at the British Army Tank museum (a great place, incidently). The traffic was heavy, so I turned on the radio to… Read More


I have to say that I like our garden at this time of year. The phtograph doesn’t really do it justice because the sun decided to go in just as I was taking it and my phone is… Read More

Riverbend: Thank You For the Music

Take a look at this post by Riverbend. I’m not trying to make a comment about the wider situation in Iraq here, but we must remember that the faceless ones, the statistics in our newspapers do have faces…. Read More

Fire at Southampton University.

BBC News | In pictures | Fire at university laboratory We live fairly close to the University and we could see the smoke from our house. Normally, I don’t see anyone else up and about when I take… Read More

Work Life Balance

A few weeks ago I was asked to teach a session on Time Management on the Learning to Serve course here in Southampton. This was a bit of a joke given how much I struggle with time management… Read More

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