The Greatest Threat

...Britain faces a "serious and sustained" threat from al-Qaeda and other suicide bombers and others prepared to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in the name of Islam. But it concluded that a flu pandemic posed a graver danger. The Government is to work with international health bodies on early warning systems and preparing vaccines … Continue reading The Greatest Threat

The Lord of the Harvest

You can listen to a talk I gave at the Wycliffe UK half day of prayer here. The theme is what does it mean for us that God is the Lord of the Harvest from Matthew 9:35-38. The target audience is clearly the team I work with, but others may enjoy it. I recently had … Continue reading The Lord of the Harvest

Are We Scared of Christmas?

I don't mean scared of Christmas in the sense of worrying about how much it will all cost, or recovering from the annual fight to get round the supermarkets as people lay in enough food to survive the siege of Leningrad despite the fact that the shops will only be closed for a day or … Continue reading Are We Scared of Christmas?