The Jesus Who Rose Again

Dead people stay dead. But if one person didn’t actually stay dead, then the whole world is a different place to the one we think we are living in.

Peter, Jesus and the Apostles’ Creed

You know how it is when two familiar things are put next to each other and as a result you see both of them in a new light. This happened to me on Sunday, when one of the readings was Peter’s sermon to Cornelius in Acts 10 which was swiftly followed by saying the Apostles’ […]

Atheists Need Jesus

I’ve long admired Clive James as a humourous writer and presenter. His piece on ‘A Point of View’ this morning was typically thoughtful, but on a rather surprising subject – the importance of Jesus Christ to atheists.  It is well worth listening to from two points of view; firstly he has some good things to […]

Lost in Transmission

This is an excellent book; it’s part refutation of Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus and part personal spiritual journey. The two themes in the book are woven together well and the constant changing from discussions of post-modernism and the nature of the canon to autobiographical stories keeps the narrative flowing and interesting. The subject matter is wide […]

Christ on Earth

I’ve been reflecting more on the theme of how Christmas seems, all too often, to morph seamlessly into Easter which I started here and which Phil picked up on his blog. It’s not that I have an problem with linking Christmas and Easter, Christ did come to save his people from their sins (Matthew 1:21) […]

A Christmas Sermon

This simple sermon from Ben Witherington is well worth a read. In other words, all this silliness about ‘no room at the Holiday Inn’ for the Holy family, is not at all what Luke is talking about. This is not a story about ‘no room in the inn’ or about the world’s giving Jesus the […]