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Muslims Should be Allowed to Lead Christian Unions.

For more on the continuing story of the persecution of CU’s in the UK, read what Cranmer has to say here. You might want to check your calendar first to make sure it isn’t the first of April…. Read More

Chastity Ring

British schoolgirl Lydia Playfoot has been banned from wearing her chastity ring in school; a story which has made most of the mainstream media over the last few days. (BBC story here.) I must admit that my thoughts… Read More

A Vision for Your Life

You can read a talk by Dave Burke on having a vision for your life here. It’s well worth a read. I was particularly impressed with his sections on church life; try this for size: There are two… Read More

Tommy the Atheist

If you don’t look at anything else in the internet this week, please follow this link to Ben Witherington’s website. Be prepared, if you are anything like me, you will be reaching for the tissues before the end…. Read More

Church Lender

Being of a thrifty frame of mind, I was interested to come across this new service. Churchlender has been set up as a non-profit website to enable churches and Christian individuals to contact each other in order to… Read More

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