Who Do You Think You Is?

Translating “you” is not quite as simple as you might think it is.

When Dictionaries and Concordances Lie

In order to accurately translate a word, you have to look at the whole sentence or paragraph that it occurs in; it’s not enough just to look in the dictionary to see what the word could mean and take your choice. 

Madagascar: What’s in a name?

Why Madagascar is two syllables short of what it should be.

Kouyanet Reader: Archdruid Eileen

The people of our world are marvellously diverse. There hundreds of different languages. People, wherever they live, have their own cultures – distinguish between places a little way away in exactly the same way that people who aren’t from Warrington distinguish themselves from people from Warrington.

Stuff About Languages

  I have a few reservations about this graphic, but generally it is pretty good. Click on the picture to go to the original site and see it full size. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer […]

Heart Language Problems

We might have to revisit some of the way we talk about and publicise mission work and translation. Things are a little more complex than easy sound bites might suggest.

Let The LAMP Die: Missionary Language Learning

Outdated language learning techniques still hang on in the mission community, despite better options being available out there. What does this say about our ability to adapt to the future?

Land and Identity

The British press has been full of stories about immigration, recently. Depending on the newspaper you read, you may have discovered that immigrants threaten the social fabric of the UK or that they bring nothing but economic and cultural benefits. However, you would have struggled to find much about the way in which moving from […]

Did Pentecost Reverse Babel?

When considering the significance of tongues throughout the pages of Scripture, one may begin to wonder why God desires to hear His praise in every language. Why not just teach everyone Korean, the language of Heaven? Instead, He seems to desire strongly both an array of languages and praising lips from each one. In Revelation […]


Consider, therefore, the implications of these facts for speakers of other tongues – for speakers of languages that have only recently emerged from predominantly oral to written cultures, for speakers of “dying” languages  and for speakers of languages and dialects restricted to local use. The very scope of English makes it a ready instrument of empire. It bears within it […]