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Doves or Snakes

This morning the three of us who are conducting a review of some Bible translation work in Togo meditated on one verse of Scripture together: Matthew 10:16. Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves. At the start of a week where we […]

Missional Reading of Scripture

Brian has some wonderful random thoughts on the missional reading of Scripture including this brilliant snippet. It is vital to learn to think “Christianly” But in today‚Äôs climate where the very claims of Christianity are not widely accepted or even understood, any approach to Scripture that merely increases the knowledge of “insiders” is in danger […]


I just picked up a text message commenting on my last sermon. The text had a great soundbite, which I don’t recall ever having heard before (please don’t tell me that you heard this at your mother’s knee). Being a missionary is not about crossing the sea; it’s about seeing the cross! This post is […]

A Sense of Reality

Milton Stanley breaths a sense of reality into the nature of Christian discipleship in his latest post: Why does some evangelism insist on presenting Christian discipleship as something that will make our lives run smoothly? As Jesus and the apostles told us, the ruling powers of the world are at war with the church, and […]

Should Christians Obey the Law?

There is a furore in the UK at the moment over the issue of discrimination against homosexuals. Basically, the government has passed a law saying that anyone who provides a service cannot discriminate against other people on the grounds of sexuality. The Catholic church has said, that if this is the case they will need […]

The Purpose of the Bible: Part Three

We’ve looked at how the Bible is the story of God’s conversation with his creation down through the centuries and taken a quick glance at the major themes in that story, now I’d like to sum up my thoughts on this subject. What is the purpose of the Bible? Simple, the purpose of the Bible […]