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Stories: Ethiopia

Dereje Tilahun professes, “The Bible is My Life”. During 17 years of Communist rule in Ethiopia, the Word of God sustained Dereje.

What if The Victims Were White?

We need to think carefully about the way in which we write about our brothers and sisters around the world

What Mission Isn’t

Some thoughts about things that must be present if we are going to call an activity “mission”.

They’ll Do It Our Way

I get the impression from some writers and opinion formers in the West that they won’t respect church leaders in Africa (and elsewhere) unless they are fluent in Western (generally, Reformed) theology. In other words, unless Africans think and talk like us, we won’t listen to them.

Thirty Years Ago

Extracts from the diary of a young and rather nervous linguist translator.

God Made Africans to be Africans

Christianity isn’t African, but it isn’t European or American either.

What Does Africa Really Need?

The bottom line is that we need each other and the church would be far healthier if we confessed our need of others rather than declaring that others need us. 

Who Says What Africa Needs?

An American author tells us what Africa needs and an African disagrees. Who should we be listening to?

Not The Centre of the World

I very much doubt that crowds of people are gathering in Abidjan bars to watch Boris Johnston and David Cameron slug it out; but Ronaldo will be pulling them in.

MANI: Personal Thoughts

One of the great things about attending conferences is that you meet and make friends.

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