In which I get irritated about some poor ecclesiology

Missionary Support: Being Supported

One of the paradoxes of missionary life is that as you get older, more experienced and take on senior roles, your income is likely to drop.

Austerity, Cuts and Job Losses

Financial constraints are pushing agencies towards using a funding model which may well not be sustainable. You don’t need to be an economic guru to see that there is a significant problem here.

Throwback Thursday: Partners? Why not Friends?

My friends know my worst side and they still care for me and they pray for me. There is no pressure to maintain an image with my friends. I wonder how many missionaries are good enough friends with the people they have come to serve, that they dare let the image slip for a while?

Churches and Agencies: A Video

An interesting, worthwhile and somewhat problematic video on the relationship between churches and agencies.

Why I Fight the Long Defeat

For the best part of ten years, a large part of my job has been to promote world mission in churches across the UK and for much of that time I felt that I was banging my head against a brick wall. The temptation to stop is huge.

The Ethics of Evangelism

Thinking through some of the ethical issues involved in evangelism and conversion,

Jesus and The Church

It’s not easy being part of the church, but it’s all part of the equation when you follow Jesus. Our corporate life together is a living demonstration of the truth of Jesus message, it’s not an optional extra.

Prayer Doesn’t Work Like That

It’s not that I think we should pray for persecution, – I’m too much of a coward for that – but I do think that we should pray to be a church that is worth the bother of persecuting!

Books I Have Read: A Wilderness of Mirrors

In summary; if you are looking for a well thought through presentation of the Christian message against the background of contemporary culture, you won’t do much better than this.