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February 2018 Reading

Two good church history books, some indifferent missiology, some awful science fiction and a book about vets in North Yorkshire; February’s reading.

Books I Have Read: The Expansion of Evangelicalism

An excellent overview of a period that I knew very little about.

Books I Have Read: The Rise of Evangelicalism

An altogether excellent book

Retrieving the Reformation

The Reformation appears … as a missiological retrieval of the gospel as set forth in the original languages of the Bible.

Across Time And Space

Some thoughts about how the long history of the church should impact the way that Evangelicals look at other traditions.

Books I Have Read: The Disruption of Evangelicalism

An excellent book from an excellent series. If you want to understand evangelicalism today; you have to understand where it came from…

Books I Have Read: Transcending Mission

A longish review of the most thought provoking book that I’ve read in a long time!

Books I Have Read: Christianity – The Biography

There is no doubt about it, Christianity the Biography is the best short, one-volume history of the Church that I have read. I have no hesitation in suggesting that you go out and buy it. However, I do have some questions about whether or not it succeeds in achieving what it sets out to do.

Whose Family History?

We need to study Church history; but we need to study all of it, not just the bits that interest us.

Books I Have Read: Christian Mission

I’m left with mixed feelings after reading this book; there are some great parts, but as a whole it is just OK.

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