Trinity: Unity in Diversity

It is important to remember that Trinity is who God is. It’s not some sort of strange add on that makes a simple God more complex and keeps theologians in business.

The Same God?

I can’t speak for other religions, but if your God was not born into a human family and laid in a feeding trough, then you don’t worship the God that Christians worship.

Some Work To Be Done

I am rather concerned that mission practitioners and missiologists are developing theories and strategies which are built on rather shaky theological foundations.

A Geeky Theology Quote And a Funny Video

Well I think these are funny – but I have a strange sense of humour.

Books I Have Read: Mission Matters – Love Says Go

An enthusiastic short review of an excellent book. You really should buy it.

Tennent Chapter 6: A Trinitarian Theology of Culture

The Incarnation is, therefore, not only a revelation of God to humanity but also a revelation of humanity to humanity. In Jesus we are learning what it means to be fully human.

Tennent Chapter 3: A Trinitarian Framework for Missions

Once missions is linked inseparably to the triune God, then the church recognizes that the ultimate goal of missions can be found only in the New Creation. This does not negate important goals such as planting a church in every people group in the world. However, it does mean that the church must always live in the tension of “unfinished business.”

Books I Have Read: The Doctrine of the Trinity

the reason why I’ve mentioned this book is not for the quality of the theological argument (which is excellent) but because of the gracious way in which the various authors interact. It is obvious that the four scholars disagree very strongly at some points. However, they go out of their way to be curteous in their disagreement and to highlight the areas where there is common ground between them. To my mind, this book provides an excellent example of the way in which Christians should debate and disagree over issues. If people can discuss the nature of God (surely the most vital issue to Christians), it is sad to see the way that issues of far less importance cause such dissension and hostility on Twitter and other fora.

Books I Have Read: An Invitation to World Missions

Invitation to World Missions (Invitation to Theological Studies) is not cheap and even the Kindle edition will set you back a couple of limbs. However, anyone who considers themselves a missiologist or student of mission will need to interact with it at some point. If you can’t afford your own copy, start badgering your librarian today!

Sending, Mission, The Trinity and Us

Theologically speaking, mission begins with the begetting of the Son and the procession of the Spirit from the Father. It starts with the Trinitarian life of God before it ever involves the creation, let alone the human part of that creation. We have discovered a doctrine of mission and so far, humanity has not even come into the picture.