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They’ll Do It Our Way

I get the impression from some writers and opinion formers in the West that they won’t respect church leaders in Africa (and elsewhere) unless they are fluent in Western (generally, Reformed) theology. In other words, unless Africans think and talk like us, we won’t listen to them.

Prosperity Theology Isn’t The Problem

We spend a lot of time talking about prosperity theology, but what we really need is a theology that will cope with suffering. It’s not just that God doesn’t always give us what we want, he might also allow us to suffer for no apparent reason. Can our faith and our theology cope?

August and September Reading

Catching up on two months worth of reading; I’m sure that I’ve left some out.

Books I Have Read: Global Humility

If you do the job I do, or train others to do that job, then you should put this on your reading list.

May 2018 Reading

On overview of what I’ve read this month – too many murders!

No, We Shouldn’t Send Missionaries… Unless

The Church in the global south needs the church in the UK, and we in the UK need our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world. Our problem, is that we are slow to realise our need.

March 2018 Reading

Some good history, some real history, a bit of alternative history and a few novels; this month’s reading.

Meet Diana

Some thoughts on home, life, theology and mission (and coffee) from Diana, a young Malawian Christian leader.

Books I Have Read: Theologies of Mission

This is probably one of the specialists (and those writing essays), but it’s a very good book.

Friends, Brothers and Contextual Theology

The questions we ask and the answers we come to reflect the situation that we are living in.

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