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Mission and the Early Church

Why then did early Christianity spread? Because early Christians believed that what they had found to be true was true for the whole world. The impetus to mission sprang from the very heart of early Christian conviction. If… Read More

What on Earth is God Doing?

This looks like it might be worth attending: >The Bible promises that the earth would be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea: yet we are living in an… Read More

Academic and Religious Freedom

One large evangelical seminary has made a stupendous bid for academic and religious freedom by shaking off the habit of students wearing robes and mortar boards at graduation (because they have Roman Catholic roots). This glorious bid for… Read More

The Church In Madagascar

As Sue starts to think about packing for her next trip, I thought this quote from The Penguin History of the Church: History of Christian Missions by Stephen Neil might interest you: When a reckoning was made it… Read More

Early Church History: An Interview with Rodney Stark

There is a fascinating interview with the sociologist Rodney Stark on Al Hirsch’s blog, Forgotten Ways. Stark wrote one of the best books I’ve read in last few years, The Rise of Christianity, which gives fascinating insights into… Read More


I’ve just come across a great resource for anyone interested in the work of C. H. Spurgeon. There are lots of good things here including a listing of Spurgeon’s sermons (with some examples to read), some other articles… Read More

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