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His Part of Nairobi

Last week in Nairobi, I bumped into fellow missionary Blogger Paul Merril. I’ve had a sidebar link to Paul’s site for ages now, but I wanted to highlight it a little. Paul has the great ability to still see new and interesting things in African life despite having lived in Nairobi for years now. One […]

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Why are Africans such “bad” drivers?

I realise that the title of this post is a little controversial, to say the least. However, any European or North American who visits a major African city is likely to be amazed at the way that people drive. This worst driving tends to occur when there are traffic jams. Surprisingly, traffic jams are very […]

Africa Politics

Good News: Bad News

The BBC News website has a very optimistic article about a new treatment for malaria which could save the lives of many thousands of African children. It’s hard for us, living in the West, to appreciate how difficult and how prevalent malaria is in other parts of the world. Any treatment which can help it […]

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Brand’s Beat

My friend John Brand of AIM has just started a new blog and has been friendly enough to give us a mention. John is the European director of AIM and I’m sure that his blog will develop as a good source of information on the Christian scene in Africa. This post is more than a […]

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The Sound of Kouya

If you are interested in hearing what Kouya sounds like, Gospel Recordings Network have a couple of sermons by our friend Bahi Laurent available for download in MP3 format. Sermon 1 Sermon 2 This is Laurent with the manuscript of the Kouya New Testament. This post is more than a year old. It is quite […]

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Seeing How Others Work

One of the interesting things we get to do from time to time is work with Christian leaders from other organisations as well as with Wycliffe. Yesterday, Sue and I spent some time with the coordinator of the Christian Therapists Network helping her think through some of the issues raised by the way their organisation […]

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What I did on my non-holidays

Waiting in line for passport control at Bole airport in Addis Ababa, I had plenty of time to talk to my neighbours; a couple from Manchester who were on their way home after a few weeks touring the country. They told me that they had done the usual tourist trail visiting Gonder and other exciting […]