From BandAid to RadiAid

Forgive me for posting one more video in this series, but this excellent TED talk gives the background to the RadiAid and Let's Save Africa videos that I have mentioned recently. If the video isn't showing, you can view it directly here. The principle of looking at the similarities between peoples rather than concentrating … Continue reading From BandAid to RadiAid

Books I have Read: Adventures in Music and Culture

I have to start with a disclaimer. Not only was I given a free copy of this book to read and review, it was also signed by the author and I even get a mention on the acknowledgements page. I've known the author, Rob Baker, since he was a short term missionary in Ivory Coast, … Continue reading Books I have Read: Adventures in Music and Culture

Languages In Nigeria

Next month, I'm travelling out to Nigeria, where I will be speaking at a retreat for my colleagues out there. It was a nice encouragement to read this peace in the Nigeria Guardian which is very complimentary about Wycliffe's work there: FEBRUARY 21, the International Mother Language Day, provided an opportunity to take a critical … Continue reading Languages In Nigeria

Bloggers in Africa

A group of Christian bloggers have just set off on a visit to Uganda from where they will be reporting on their adventures. I'm sure they will have a wonderful and informative time and no doubt they will generate a lot of publicity for the organisation who are fronting the trip. However, can I respectfully … Continue reading Bloggers in Africa

First World Problems

This short video (just over two minutes) has a very powerful message... but... I have to admit that I'm rather uneasy with the way this important message is got across. Firstly, I don't like the terms first world and third world; I know that they are easily understood, but they seem to imply a value … Continue reading First World Problems

Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles

At the moment, the BBC is showing the remarkable David Attenborough series "Africa"; all beautiful scenes and amazing animals. However, as is often the case, the Africa of the nature documentary seems more or less devoid of people. If you would like to know more about the human side of the continent, you could do … Continue reading Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles

Voices United for Mali

When you get artists from across a country as culturally diverse as Mali producing a song, you end up with a wonderful mixture of languages and cultural styles. In this superb video there is singing and rapping in Bambara, Sonnik√©, Songhai, Tamasheq and even a little French. This is the Mali I love; colourful, welcoming … Continue reading Voices United for Mali