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It’s Hinglish, innit?

Another language related post… Having lived and worked in a Francophone environment for years, we often include French (or, more rarely, Kouya) words in our conversation even when there is a perfectly good English word which we could… Read More

Translators make an ass of themselves!

There is a fantastic translation related story on the BBC Website. Apparently, mistaking two similar words in Urdu led Scottish firefighters to recommend that people escaping from a burning building should clutch a donkey to help break their… Read More

Language and Politics

The BBC has an interesting article on the way that language is influencing the way that people vote in the Democratic Republic of Zaire. It is hard for people who live in broadly monolingual situations to understand the… Read More

African Bible Commentary

Many thanks to Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) for posting information about the New Africa Bible Commentary. This publication by SIM is described as being the first one-volume Bible commentary to be written in Africa by Africans for African churches…. Read More

Learning to Speak Human

Bible Translation is essentially about communicating the Gospel; finding ways to re-express the eternal truths of the Scriptures in a new languages. However, communicating the Gospel is not merely a task for the specialist, it is something that… Read More

(Not Bible) Translating

One of the things which I often do at conferences is help with the simultaneous interpretation from English to French. Because I was involved in facilitating our recent meeting, I didn’t have time to do any translating, however,… Read More

Life Without Time Or Numbers

There is a very sympathetic article about the work of linguist Dan Everett in the Independent today. The article discusses Everett’s work with the Piraha people of Brazil and describes how his research has the potential to radically… Read More

Saturday in Fianar

Well, I’m almost half way through my trip and I think I may have got the water system sussed here. Since the water is heated by solar panels, there is hot water in the evenings, but it’s not… Read More

of the Vista; of the alcohol

This is what you get when you translate the simple phrase out of sight; out of mind to and from five different European languages. The confusing link is that French translated mind as ├ęsprit which comes back to… Read More

The Sound of Kouya

If you are interested in hearing what Kouya sounds like, Gospel Recordings Network have a couple of sermons by our friend Bahi Laurent available for download in MP3 format. Sermon 1 Sermon 2 This is Laurent with the… Read More

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