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Tag: Acts

Where Are The Ends of the Earth?

Where are the ends of the earth? It all depends on where you start from!

The Main Thing Is The Main Thing

Mission is witnessing to Jesus in the power of the Spirit; everything else details.

A Model Missionary For Today

Some final thoughts from Acts: why we need to take note of Apollos.

Leadership Transition

Christian leaders need to learn to let go and allow the next generation to take over – lessons from Acts.

Someone Else Will Listen

The beginning and the end of the book of Acts captures a universal principle in the life of the church.

They Shouldn’t Be Evangelists!

The best evangelists are probably not the people you think they should be.

We Don’t Make Things Grow

By promising big things, we are usurping God’s role in mission. He is the one who brings growth, not us, and we need to avoid making any claims that suggest otherwise. 

A Natural We!

Sometimes translating the simplest of words can be more complicated than it might, at first, seem.

Coincidence? I Think Not

Have you noticed the parallels between the Emmaus Road narrative in Luke 24 and the story of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8? Neither had I till someone pointed them out to me.

Some Things Just Aren’t Clear

There are a number of conclusions that you can draw from these incidents; but the idea that the Holy Spirit always guides in a clear and unambiguous fashion is not one of them!

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