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Tennent Chapter 4: The God of Mission Reveals His Plan

“While the missio Dei is never less than personal, it envisions something that is more than merely personal. To reduce the missio Dei to God’s work among individuals neglects the larger frame of community that joins us as individuals to the church, the body of Christ, the corporate expression of the Trinity in the world and the bride of Christ in the eschaton.”

Do We Need The New Testament?

From time to time I post something about my perception that Evangelicals, even Bible translators (or a talk here), don’t pay sufficient attention to the Old Testament. However, it isn’t often that I come across someone suggesting that we… Read More

Did Pentecost Reverse Babel?

When considering the significance of tongues throughout the pages of Scripture, one may begin to wonder why God desires to hear His praise in every language. Why not just teach everyone Korean, the language of Heaven? Instead, He… Read More

The Old Testament Roots of Mission

The missionary meaning of the New Testament grows out of the Old as a tree is rooted in the ground, as a rose expresses the sweet heart of the rosebud. One who reads the New Testament with no… Read More

The God of the Old Testament

The comparison between Abraham’s descendants who constantly turn away from their side of the covenant and God who never fails to keep his side of the bargain is incredibly striking. Here we see the relational God being pushed… Read More

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