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Missionary Call: The Definitive Post

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether you do these things in Kewsick or in Kazahkstan. The important thing is that you are being faithful to Christ in these basic ways; everything else is just details.

Bombing Syria and Overseas Mission

Our approach to mission recruitment is often just as wrong as most of the British’ press’ coverage of the Syria debate. It’s putting us and our local or personal concerns at the centre of a much bigger issue.

More Thoughts That Aren’t Mine

This missions jargon is not appropriate in the local church paradigm. As missions mobilisers we need to understand that church members do not think and act like mission agencies…

Missions: A Witness To the Gospel Where there Is None

“A central theological reality is that the church is uniquely equipped to be the locus of missions because it is essentially missionary by its very nature. This means that the church itself is the missionary reality that God sends into the world –it is far more than an institutional source from which funds and missionaries are sent or agency developed programmes carried out”

Books I Have Read: Introducing Christian Mission Today

If I were to ask which is the most important book on mission today, I suspect that most people would answer either Transforming Mission by David Bosch or The mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative by Chris Wright. Don’t get… Read More

Issues with Voluntourism

“Imagine yourself as the survivor of a large disaster. Your house is gone, you have no assets, and no work–no option of working to make money to rebuild. Three neighborhoods away there’s an INGO paying the local residents to do clean-up, etc. But in your neighborhood there are a bunch of international volunteers doing the clean-up around you. They don’t speak your language, but you can see them laughing, having a great time. They eat three meals per day, but you eat only one. How do you feel?”

Short Term Mission (Again)

There are some great things about short-term mission trips and there are some other aspects which are, well, not so great. Recently a couple of great blog posts have taken a look at the phenomenon and concluded that despite the down-side, there is a good case to be made for short-term trips.

However, the complexity of the question highlights the need for a set of best-practice guidelines which can both help those who are organising trips to do so better and also help people who are thinking about going on trips to identify the most reputable organisations in the field.

Who is Serving Whom: A Dilemma for Short Term Mission?

There are some serious issues associated with short-term mission trips, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do them, it means me need to address the questions and do them better!

Seminaries, Bible Colleges and Mission

How relevant is seminary education to mission work?

Community Rather than Clichés

One of the best blogs on the block at the moment is Djibouti Jones: life at the crossroads of faith and culture by Rachel Pieh Jones. Don’t take my word for it; head over there and sign up… Read More

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