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Emerging/Missional Church Links

Following on from this morning’s Solent Gospel Partnership seminar on the emerging church (good job Roger); I thought I’d post a list of a few links that I’ve found useful in following up on this subject. Please feel… Read More

Kouya Literacy

On the day when the BBC have announced another peace deal for Ivory Coast, it was good to receive some photographs of literacy classes going on in the village of Dema. It all looks so peaceful and perhaps… Read More

The history of religion in 90 seconds

Take a look at this presentation. It gives a fascinating overview of the development of world religions over history. HT, Ian Dale. There are more maps available here. This post is more than a year old. It is… Read More

A Taste of the Future

The BBC reports that two prominent Episcopal (Anglican to the Brits) Churches have left the Episcopal Church of America over the furore about the appointment of gay clergy. In and of itself, there is nothing startling about this… Read More

How Much of the Bible Should we Translate 2

I’ve just come across an interesting article at Christianity Today which picks up the theme of how much of the Bible we should translate. This is well worth a read and shows how powerfully the Old Testament can… Read More

The Christian Centre of Gravity

The nice people at Wycliffe Australia have put my essay about the changing face of the World Church on their website. I suspect this is the last time that I’ll be listed alongside such luminaries as Patrick Johnstone… Read More

Christian Centre of Gravity

This is an essay which I wrote for my Contemporary Theologies of Mission Module. Sorry, it is rather lengthy, but it might be of interest to some – it takes a different spin on the issue of the… Read More

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