A very Kouya celebration!

Yesterday I arrived home from a visit to Ivory Coast to attend the dedication of the New Testament in Kouya. It took place in the village of Dema, which is where we first lived when we moved to the Kouya area almost 25 years ago. In a number of ways this wasn't a typical dedication. … Continue reading A very Kouya celebration!

Advice to Nigerian voters

In a BBC article entitled 'Viewpoint: Ivory Coast's lesson to Nigeria', Nigerian-born novelist and journalist Kingsley Kobo reflects on the situation in Ivory Coast and takes a look at what Nigerians can learn from it for their own Presidential Elections. Kobo is well-placed to comment as he has spent the last 16 years living in … Continue reading Advice to Nigerian voters

What writers think of the King James Bible’s language

In this year of celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible, here is an interesting article in today's Guardian. A number of writers (including Alexander McCall Smith and linguist David Crystal) talk about their experience of the KJV's language in 6 short pieces. Below are a couple of extracts from novelist Janine Winterson's article: … Continue reading What writers think of the King James Bible’s language

Don’t forget Ivory Coast!

Ivory Coast's political crisis seems to be forgotten as the world's attention has been grabbed by events in Tunisia, then Egypt and now Bahrain. (Not that the mainstream UK media include much news from Francophone countries at the best of times!) This Reuters article reports on the situation as financial chaos is added to economic … Continue reading Don’t forget Ivory Coast!

Team work in Madagascar

A couple of days ago I got back from Southern Madagascar where I spent two weeks working with a translation team helping them check their translation of Luke's Gospel for accuracy so that it can be made ready for publication in the next few months. We certainly had our work cut out in order to … Continue reading Team work in Madagascar

News from Sue in Madagascar

It was strange being out of the country during the election and even stranger that there is still no clear outcome yet! Fortunately the political situation here in Madagascar remains fairly stable even though things are not resolved: talks between the ousted president and the current leaders didn’t seem to come to anything. News about … Continue reading News from Sue in Madagascar

Translation progress in Nigeria

One of the exciting things about my job is that I regularly get to go to different countries and work with people from various nationalities and cultures, all with the aim of equipping people to translate the Bible into their own language.  Ten days ago I arrived back from a trip to Nigeria, where I … Continue reading Translation progress in Nigeria

Beware the Headlines!

Does anyone else find newspaper headlines annoying? You would think that as well as trying to grab our attention they were also designed to give a hint about what the article actually contains. All too often, though, they mislead, as I discovered when I read this Reuters article about the political situation in Madagascar. The … Continue reading Beware the Headlines!